Board En Banc decision on declared state of emergency on spread of corona virus

This is a Board En Banc panel decision

This is a very significant case for workers’ compensation principles.

Normally this newsletter is dedicated to providing cases related to the litigation of workers’ compensation. The world has changed and the existing order of all things has changed dramatically.

Most of the readers are now working remotely and the whole business procedure has changed.

The way we operate in Workers compensation has dramatically changed as well. The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board issued on En Banc decision on March 18, 2020 temporarily suspending specific rules of Practice an Procedure. The decision applies to the entire state.

Dismissal of an application or lien claim for failure to appear is suspended. Workers’ Compensation Judges (WCJ) and arbitrators shall have an unlimited extension of time to issue reports in response to petition for reconsideration or removal. You no longer need two witnesses on a Compromise and Release. Signatures may be done electronically.

Suspension of requirement of service by mail on the WCAB. Service may be electronic with or without parties’ consent.

District offices are closed for filing until April 3, 2020. All filings are extended to the next day when the district offices reopen for filing. You will need to monitor when the district offices reopen. It may well be extended past April 3, 2020.

Be safe!


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