Worker’s Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) must state evidence relied upon and reasons for its decision to be valid

This is an unpublished decision of the court of appeal

This is a very significant case for workers’ compensation principles.

The applicant alleged an industrial cumulative trauma and specific injury. He claimed he contracted prostrate cancer. A Qualified Medical Examiner (QME) was chosen by the parties. The QME determined that cancer was not related to his employment.

The applicant hired a doctor at his own expense and forwarded the doctors report to the QME to write a supplemental report. The defendant objected and filed for a hearing claiming the applicant violated the discovery process.

A Workers’ Compensation Judge (WCJ) determined the report of the applicant doctor was not admissible but could be reviewed by the QME. The defendant filed a petition for reconsideration. The WCAB treated the petition as one for removal. The WCAB decided the report could not be reviewed by the QME. The applicant then petitioned for reconsideration or removal.

The WCAB denied both removal and reconsideration but failed to address section 4605 of the Labor Code.

The appellate court reviewed and indicated that the WCAB did not state the evidence in its opinion or the reasons for its decision as required in Labor Code section 5908.5.

The WCAB’s failure to give its reasoning in adequate detail was sufficient to annul its decision.

Case: Davis v. WCAB (City of Modesto)

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