How many depositions of the applicant may you take in one case

This is a panel decision which ordered sanctions against the insurance carrier and the defense attorney for engaging in bad faith and frivolous actions.

The defendant took a deposition of the applicant. At the end of the deposition the defense attorney said he had no more questions.

Four years later the defendant wished to take a second deposition. Applicant’s attorney objected and requested a protective order and sanctions under Labor Code section 5813 and Code of Civil Procedure 2023. The defendant filed a petition to compel the deposition. The Workers’ Compensation Judge (WCJ) ruled that the defendant was not entitled to a deposition in that code of Civil Procedure Section 2025.610 only allows one deposition.

Applicant requested sanctions and attorney fees for having to fight the deposition and the WCJ awarded $15,610 in attorney fees and a penalty of $2500.

Defendant filed for reconsideration and lost. The Board agreed that once the record is closed that the defendant is only entitled to one deposition. There are other ways in which to complete discovery.

Case: Weilmann v United Temporary Services

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