Board En Banc decision on supplemental job displacement benefit voucher

This is a Board En Banc panel decision

This is a very significant case for workers’ compensation principles.

The applicant sustained an admitted injury. The parties resolved the injury by way of Stipulations with Request for Award. The award did not include a Supplemental Job Displacement (SJDB) voucher.

Prior to the settlement the defendant sent a Notice of Offer of Regular, Modified or Alternative Work. The letter accompanying the notice indicated that the applicant must verify that he is qualified to accept employment as an inmate laborer. You have voluntarily terminated your employment due to your release from prison.

The applicant filed a Request for Dispute Resolution and asked for resolution of the SJDB. The Administrative Director did not issue a determination and therefore, it was denied by operation of law.

The case went to trial and the Workers Compensation Judge (WCJ) indicated the appeal was untimely an denied the SJDB. The applicant filed a petition for reconsideration and the Workers Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) ruled the applicant was entitled to a voucher. Defendant appealed.

The WCAB ruled AD rule 10133.54 invalid. They also ruled an employer must show a bona fide offer of regular work to avoid liability for a SJDB. Here there was no bona fide offer.


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